Residential & Domestic Sprinklers

Phoenix are proud to offer complete design, installation and maintenance packages for Residential & Domestic Sprinkler Systems. All design and installation works are carried out by our team in accordance with BS 9251 : 2005. Correctly designed, a residential or domestic sprinkler system will detect and control a fire at an early stage. The sprinklers are located in specific locations with the appropriate sprinkler type set to operate at pre-determined temperatures.

Did you know?

  • No one in the UK has ever died as a result of a fire in a building with a working sprinkler system
  • Fire in the home is responsible for over 75% of all fire- related deaths and injuries in the UK
  • Only the sprinkler heads in the immediate vicinity of the fire actually operates
  • Sprinklers do not give ‘false alarms’ they will only operate if there is an actual fire
  • Your chance of experiencing a serious fire in the home in your lifetime is around 1 in 5
  • Fire Sprinklers are very reliable. Records show that the chance of accidental operation in service is 1: 16,000,000 (one in sixteen million). That’s less than your chance of winning the Lottery.

Maintenance of the system is essential, and we recommended inspections and testing to be undertaken on an annual basis.

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